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Data Production

The IDX data format provides efficient, cache oblivious, and progressive access to large-scale scientific datasets by storing the data in a hierarchical Z (HZ) order. Data stored in IDX format can be visualized in an interactive environment allowing for meaningful explorations with minimal resources. With PIDX it is now possible to generate IDX datasets directly from large scale scientific simulations with the added advantage of real-time monitoring and visualization of the generated data. Learn more about PIDXDownload PIDX

Data Delivery

Share your big data in your lab or with other institutions. Experience the interactive streaming of teravoxel imagery using a simple Apache Server module. Learn moreDeploy your ViSUS Server
ViSUS Server
ViSUS Viewer

Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization

Stop waiting for your viewer to visualize terabyte of data using HPC resources. Explore a new fully interactive way to visualize data of any scale on your laptop or commodity PC. Experiment interactive scripting to get faster insights of your data. Learn more Download ViSUS Viewer